The 2016 North Carolina Azalea Festival

They say April flowers bring May showers, but to Wilmington residents it means the start to the annual North Carolina Azalea Festival. For more than 60 years, this festival has been apart of our beautiful hometown and has helped show the beauty, history and southern charm of Wilmington, North Carolina.

There is so much to love about the Azalea Festival! You might find yourself indulging on a fried snickers (yes, you read that right) from one of the forty different food vendors, or you might even find yourself admiringĀ the beautiful pieces of art work from the three hundred and thirty different displays of arts and crafts vendors. Either way, you won’t leave hungry or unhappy!



So I am sure you’re wondering what the Azalea Festival has to do with Dynamic Digital? This festival is not only important to our town, but to us as well! The North Carolina Azalea Festival is not only a blast to work with, but allows over 30,000 people to witness our 50′ LED rotating screens in action! We had the privilege of providing digital signage and sponsor recognition at the main entrance, beverage tents, light polls located all throughout the crowd and at the restroom’s entrance and exit.

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By having the opportunity to work with one of the largest festivals in the state, this has opened numerous amounts of doors for us here at DD! Since the festival on April 7-9 of 2016, Dynamic Digital has experienced drastic growth. In just the month of April alone we have added over 35 new host locations to our network! We have even taken our business from the coast of Carolina and Wrightsville Beach, to Boone and Blowing Rock in the mountains of North Carolina and even in to the capital, Raleigh, North Carolina! We can safely say that 2016 is shaping up to be an outstanding and DYNAMIC year of growth for DD.

We can’t thank the North Carolina Azalea Festival enough for allowing us to work with them and support our clients and their businesses. Even though this was our first time working with the festival, we know it won’t be our last! We will continue to be involved with the Azalea Festival and enhance digital signage for patrons for years to come!

We are looking forward to the year of 2016 because we have fun and exciting things planned! We have already partnered with Riverfest in Downtown Wilmington, Seafood Festival in Moorehead City and Pleasure Island Seafood, Blues and Jazz Festival in Carolina Beach. So come out and enjoy the food and music, but don’t forget to come and check out our screens and hopefully you will want to become a part of Dynamic Digital!



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